Journal – 7/16/17: Goals, Success & Failure

Howdy! This’ll be the first of many weekly journal entries where I do a quick analysis of the previous weeks successes and failures, which I’ll share both as public shaming, but more seriously to share the formal process of personal goals.

Last week I started a 39 week goal cycle for weight loss and maintenance, plus two 16 week goals for exercise and wrapping up writing a novel that’s proven a tough nut to crack. I’m using two tools to help this process along, and Fitbit. Stickk is a simple goal-setting platform that lets you set a goal, apply financial stakes and include a referee for your goals. There’s two parts to Fitbit I’m putting to use, the first is the tracker to monitor daily activity, the second is the food log on their site where I get to be horrified by the sheer volume of calories I consume when I’m not paying attention. Continue reading

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Process – How NOT to Write a Novel

Icon_NOTWhy I’m an Expert on This Subject:

It took me something like ten years to finish my first novel, with the actual writing time being more like two years. When I wrote my second novel it took less than a year. I didn’t get better at it, I just got real at it. For me the value of experience is to pass it on in the hopes that other’s can benefit from your mental disorders. So, read on to (as it’s said in”The House of the Rising Sun”) not to do as I have done! Continue reading

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Mind – 4 Things Can Change Everything

Icon_TeachableIn my younger and more vulnerable years, people used to drive me nuts, now they just tend to make me sad. Being a high-value person is relatively easy (in that it’s all inside you – not saying it’s not challenging), which makes the fact that a huge proportion of folks are self-absorbed, shallow, vacuous, petty, energy vampires all the more vexing. Continue reading

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Declutter: Why our minds are like a key ring

Fumbling to find the key to the Master lock protecting the treasures in my storage cage, I wondered why it took so long to find it. I have a ridiculous number of keys on this ring, ridiculous because I don’t know what half of them fit.

This got me thinking about two things; one, I need to throw away a bunch of these keys and, two, is my key-ring a metaphor? How many psychic “keys” do we carry around in life to locks we’ll never encounter, or have long abandoned? Once useful tools that now weigh us down for no reason. Continue reading

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Journal – 11/23/16: Because I Can

MeSmallThirteen days ago I began a new sabbatical, then promptly lost track of why I took sabbatical to begin with – a loved one in pain, a political choice akin to hiring a florist to do your plumbing and some self-pity that things in general weren’t working out exactly the way I wanted.  Being distracted isn’t anything new for me, it’s the reason I put so much stock in personal goals, which is why these thirteen days won’t become thirteen months. I thought I’d share my slate of personal initiatives with you, dear reader, both as a way to think out loud, and to refine what I’m really hoping to accomplish. Continue reading

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Start at the Start

01_TeachableWhat’s the first, best lesson?

I was writing about dualistic thinking, and it hit me that if I want to keep talking about these topics I really need to get a framework together – organizing concepts in order of “dependency”. In other words, if you want to change things in your life where do you start, what concepts do you need to understand before you tackle another?

But everybody is so different in their development, how they’ve come to be a person who perceives the world (some have trauma, some have affluence, some have curious minds, some have task-oriented minds, some have physical challenges, some have emotional challenges, some grinding poverty, deep fear, profound confidence) – all of which can be a benefit or curse depending on how the individual views them. Continue reading

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Changes, Mind Games & Plans

Me_Icon“Try to look at your weakness and convert it into your strength. That’s success.” – Zig Ziglar

Just wanted to catch up with ya’ll after running silent for a while. On Monday I began a sabbatical, intended to allow me to finish my second novel and sell the first (oh, and to get my drawing skills back…that’s a work in progress). To my shame, this first week wasn’t stellar from a performance standpoint, but if I turn things around today I’m willing to chalk it up to poor planning (or passive-aggressive resistance to self-discipline, over the years I’ve elevated laziness to an art form). Continue reading

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